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Sedgwick Alternative Relief Is Seeking  $25,000-$250,000 ROI 8%-20%

Sedgwick Alternative Relief - This Medical Marijuana Center’s Conveniently Located In Sedgwick Colorado

At Sedgwick Alternative Relief Medical Marijuana Center our Mission Is To Provide Our Patients With Access To High Quality, Clean Cannabis In A Safe, Healing, Supportive Environment

At Sedgwick Alternative Relief Medical Marijuana Center, we:

● Provide seriously ill patients with a safe and reliable source of medical cannabis

● Provide patient support and compassion to all those that use medical cannabis for  medical relief

● Provide patients with any and all available information relating to the therapeutic use of  cannabis

● Assist patients with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), registration    process for the Colorado Medical Marijuana Program

● Provide referrals to qualified doctors of medicine who can recommend that they might benefit fromthe medical use of marijuana, if they  meet the criteria Medical Marijuana Centers In Colorado

Directions From:

Yuma County Colorado, Sedgwick County Colorado, Phillips County Colorado, Yuma County Colorado,

Washington County Colorado, Logan County Colorado, Morgan County Colorado, Kit Carson County Colorado

Directions From

Atwood, CO, Sterling, CO, Sedgwick CO, Wiggins, CO, Julesburg CO,  Ovid CO,  Stoneham CO,  Peetz CO,  Haxtun CO,  Holyoke CO, Wray CO, Yuma CO, Arkon CO, Fleming CO, Brush CO,  Otis CO,  Joes CO, Idalia CO, Crook CO, Illif CO, Crook CO, Burlington CO


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